What Is An Oil Less Air Fryer & How Does It Work?

Oil Less Air Fryer

What Is An Oil Less Air Fryer & How Does It Work? Air fryers are the latest cooking appliance that everybody is talking about due to the fact that they fry using hot air and very little oil. You may have seen one of the many advertisements and wondered, “How does an air fryer work?” Are you curious about the health benefits of an air fryer? Hopefully this page will answer some of your air frying questions.

An air fryer is simply a revolutionized kitchen appliance for cooking food through the circulation of superheated air. It is a new invention, originally from Philips, that offers healthy, tasty foods with less oil. They use Rapid Air Technology to cook any type of food that you would otherwise dunk in deep fat.

This new technology works by circulating air to high degrees, up to 200C, to “fry” foods such as fish, chips, pastries, chicken, and more. This Rapid Air Technology is bringing in a new era of cooking appliances and a new generation of cooking methods altogether. Air fryers render foods perfectly browned and crisp with less fat – up to 80 percent less, as compared to traditional cooking methods.

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What is air frying?


The air fryer’s benefits are endless. It helps users who are nervous when using a traditional chip pan and protects them from fire or burning. Its cooling systems and controlled temperature allow it to protect itself. Better tasting food, healthier meals, friendlier to the environment – we could go on and on. Try an air fryer for yourself and discover even more benefits!

Air fryer Brief History – Air fryers were first launched in Australia and Europe in 2010, followed by North America and Japan. Today, they are a staple of the modern kitchen. The Japanese use air fryers for making fried prawns, in the Netherlands and the UK, this gadget is used for cooking chips. Americans prepare chicken wings in their air fryers. Indians use them for making samosa.


Are Air Fryers Healthy And User-Friendly?


An air fryer’s cooking chamber radiates heat from a heating element close to the food, thus cooking it more efficiently and appropriately. The exhaust fan located above the cooking chamber helps to provide the required airflow from the underside. This allows the heated air to constantly pass through the food. Consequently, every part of the food receives the same heating temperature. Using only a fan and grill helps the air fryer to blast hot air at a high speed, achieving the healthy qualities that you will undoubtedly notice when eating air fried food. It is a simple yet innovative method of cooking.


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How does an air fryer work?


So how does an Air Fryer work? Despite the name, there’s no frying going on inside your Airfryer. To fry means to cook in fat, and that’s not what this machine does. An Airfryer is a self-contained, countertop convection oven (so an oven with a fan inside), but with a vertical orientation: The fan blows down from the top of the device through an electric heating element.

Air flow starts at the top, heats up, then rushes onto and around your food through a mesh cooking basket, and finally down to a shaped drip tray that recirculates the air back to the top. Your food is suspended in the middle of all this airflow.

That mesh basket, by the way, sort of looks like a deep fry basket and it’s probably where they got the name. But there’s no oil reservoir or anything like that. In fact, despite Philips’ claims that you can “fry, grill, bake or roast using a tablespoon or less of oil,” some recipes actually call for no oil, or two tablespoons, or more. It depends.

Similar to a rice cooker, an air fryer has a wide removable tray. It serves up a hot, crisp meal within 12 minutes. Though it may seem “fried” because of the crispy quality, the food cooked in an air fryer is actually healthier and reduced in calories. Philips CEO Pieter Nota said, “At Philips, we develop advanced solutions that help contribute to people’s health and well-being.” Anything you can think of, from chicken to chips to fish can be made healthier in an air fryer because its cooking method requires very little fat.

For instance, a batch of chips only calls for half a spoonful of oil and 12 minutes to serve perfectly crispy potatoes. Similarly, an air fryer will give you hamburgers, steaks, and French fries in just a few minutes. You’ll be amazed, but in just 25 minutes, you can bake an entire cake in an air fryer!

The exhaust system controls the temperature that is increased by internal pressure and emits extra air as needed to cook the food. The extra air is thoroughly filtered before being released, thus being better to the environment. Air fryers are both user and environment-friendly – harmless and odorless!


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Air Fryer Cooling System


Do not be afraid of the superheated air that is used to cook food in an air fryer. Each comes with its own cooling system, including a fan mounted on a motor axis to control the internal temperature. This fan ensures that the environment inside the air fryer stays clean and healthy. The cooling system allows fresh air to pass through the filters and proceed to the bottom of the fryer. Allowing the passage of fresh air from top to bottom helps the air fryer to cool its internal parts.


How to Use an Air Fryer


Before we start I need to clear something up. When you’re cooking with an air fryer, you’re not actually frying anything. Instead, these devices are essentially countertop convection ovens that cook food with electric heat that’s circulated by high-powered fans. It’s the air, created by the machine’s fan, that keeps the surface of the food being cooked dry, resulting in an extra-crispy exterior and a fluffy or moist interior that’s reminiscent of the results of deep-frying.

But air fryers are for more than just cooking your favorite fried foods in a slightly healthier fashion. In fact, anything that you would roast in a conventional oven can also be cooked in an air fryer, from Thanksgiving turkey to a full weeknight fish dinner. Technically you could also bake in the air fryer—some models even come with baking pans—but converting baked recipes is more of a trial-and-error game than converting roasted or fried recipes, so tread lightly when trying it.

 Philips XL Airfryer  Breville Smart Oven Air
 Philips XL Airfryer  Breville Smart Oven Air

The functionality of your air fryer will vary slightly from model to model. The majority of these devices, like the Philips XL or the Cozyna 3.7QT, are boxy in shape, with a drawer that pulls out. Inside the drawer is a removable mesh or perforated metal basket. To use this type of model, you toss your ingredients with a few tablespoons of oil and place them directly into the basket before placing in the pre-heated air fryer. As the food cooks, grease will drip out of the basket into the drawer’s receptacle below.

The other common air fryer model looks more like a toaster oven. The Breville Smart Oven Air even has specified settings for toasting, roasting, and more, in addition to the air fryer setting. For these models, the functionality, too, is much like a toaster oven, except that when air-frying, you place the food on a removable mesh rack that comes with the air fryer.

One thing to note: when air-frying, make sure to only use pans and racks that are specifically made for your air fryer model. These pans are designed to fit perfectly into the air fryer and allow that hot air to circulate effectively.

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How To Use An Air Fryer – Tips


1. Adjust the Cooking Temperature

When converting a recipe with a suggested temperature for deep-frying or cooking in a traditional oven, lower the air fryer’s temperature by 25°F to achieve similar results. So, if a recipe calls for deep-frying chicken in oil heated to 350°F, air fry at 325°F. The same rule applies for converting roasting recipes.

This adjustment is needed because the circulating air makes the heat of the cooking environment more consistent, and thus more intense than traditional cooking methods. Remember to pre-heat your air fryer to temperature—it usually takes less than 5 minutes—before filling the basket, just as you would with any other cooking method.

2. Add Oil Sparingly To What You Are Cooking

In general, you should toss food with one to two tablespoons of oil (whichever kind you like: olive, coconut, canola). Foods that are naturally fattier, like meatballs, needn’t be tossed in any additional oil. For foods that have been battered or dredged in flour, we recommend spraying the air fryer basket or rack first with cooking spray, laying your battered or dredged food in the basket or rack in a single layer, and then giving the food, a light spritz of cooking spray just to coat the top. That little bit of oil is essential for getting foods to turn golden-brown, crisp, and appealing.

The Frozen Foods Exception: Frozen, par-cooked foods, such as fish sticks and chicken strips, can usually be air-fried without any additional oil, but giving them—and the fryer basket—a quick spritz with cooking spray certainly wouldn’t hurt.

3. Fill the Air Fryer Basket or Rack

Battered and floured foods should be placed in one layer in an air fryer basket or rack. Some models offer racks that allow for two layers—if yours does, feel free to double up. For things like French fries or “roasted” vegetables, you can load the air fryer basket to the top; however, a fuller basket will require a longer cooking time and will result in food that’s not quite as crisp as a basket with a smaller amount of food. It’s also a good idea to give full baskets a shake every 3 to 5 minutes to make sure food is cooking evenly—many models will pause the timer when you open the drawer, expressly for this purpose.

4. Check for Doneness Early

Again, because the circulating air helps the air-fryer cooking environment maintain a more consistent temperature than other cooking methods, foods tend to cook faster in an air fryer than they do when being deep-fried or cooked in a conventional oven. That means if you’re converting a recipe you already know and love to one cooked in an air fryer, you’ll want to check the food about two-thirds of the way through the suggested cooking time to test doneness. Those fish sticks say they’ll be done in 15 minutes? Check them at 10 minutes.

5. Make French Fries as Often as Possible

We know why you’re really thinking about buying that air fryer, so here it is: yup, frozen French fries can be put right into the air fryer, no oil necessary, and cooked at 350°F for about 15 minutes. Be sure to give them a shake or a toss once or twice during cooking. Fresh-cut fries should first be soaked in hot water for at least 10 minutes (30 minutes is better) to remove excess starch. After soaking, drain and dry fries with a kitchen towel, toss in 1 to 2 tablespoons vegetable oil, then air fry at 350°F for about 20 minutes, again shaking once or twice during cooking. And in either case, don’t forget to salt them when they’re finished cooking.


Air Fryer FAQ’s


Can we cook different varieties of food in an air fryer?

– Yes, you can easily cook different varieties of food in an air fryer. One of the best things about cooking food in an air fryer is that it is healthy and free from oil. Items such as meat, potatoes, poultry and French fries can be easily cooked. Apart from these items you can also bake brownies and grill different vegetables.

What is the input power range of an air fryer?

– For the European market the input power range is 220 v and for USA market it is 110 v.

How much time does an air fryer take to cook frozen foods?

– One of the best things to do while cooking frozen food in an air fryer is to use the knob as per the food that you are cooking. It normally takes some more time to cook frozen foods as compared to other food items.

How much food can be cooked at a time in an air fryer?

– It all depends on the capacity of the air fryer. Most of the air fryers come with 500g of capacity and you can also see a “max” mark on the basket of the air fryer which means that the air fryer can be filled up to this mark.

Is there any specific type of oil required for air fryer?

– No, there is no special oil which is required for cooking in an air fryer. You can us any type of oil such as olive oil, peanut oil, sunflower oil and even butter spray.

Can we add more ingredients while the food is getting cooked in an air fryer?

-Yes, you can add more ingredients while the food is getting cooked in an air fryer but make sure to add the ingredients immediately otherwise the heat loss may lead to more time consumption for cooking the food.

Is it possible to use baking paper or aluminium foil in an air fryer?

– Yes, you can use a baking paper or aluminium foil but you need to make sure that appropriate space is given so that the steam can pass easily.

How many items can be cooked at a time in an air fryer?

– You can easily cook two different items at a go in an air fryer but make sure to use the divider. This will help in proper cooking and less time will be consumed.

Do you need to preheat the air fryer?

– No, there is no need to preheat the air fryer. However, pre-heating the air fryer for about 4 minutes can help in significant reduction of the cooking time.

Does an air fryer help in making food crispy and tasty?

– Yes, the food that you cook in an air fryer is as tasty and crispy as it is with frying. One of the main reasons why air fryer cooks tasty and crispy food is because it helps in keeping the outer layer of the food crisp and the inside gets soft.